• European
  • Flexible Menu

Boris Premium Menu

$132 per person including GST

Boris will create the most intricate and artisanal menu items for your palate. Select one item from each section.

  • Entree 1

    A Tasting of Skins Pork, Poularde, Salmon, Onion, Bread Crust

    Wagyu Beef Tartare, Quail Yolk and Milk Bread

  • Entree 2

    Spanner Crab, Apple, Truffle Cream, Celery

    Calcified Crisp Carrot, Carrot Tops, Carrot Purée and Finger Lime Vinaigrette

  • Main

    Smoked Rockling, Shiitake, Wakame and Pork Dashi

    Roasted Rack of Berkshire Pork, Potato Confit, Black Lime, Horseradish

    Charred Stuffed Onions, Feta, Sweet and Toasted Winter Slaw (V)

  • Dessert

    “German Chocolate Cake” Shaved Coconut Sorbet, Steamed Chocolate Cake, Pecan Praline

    Roasted Quince Strudel, Almond and Oat Granola, Ricotta Sherbet Plus Petit Fours of Passionfruit Marshmallows, Chocolate Bon Bons, Fried Sesame and Sweet Potato Mochi

Special Requirements

  • Enquire within.

  • 6-10 persons

  • A basic minimal kitchen should include the following: 

    Cookware - pot and pan
    Utensils - ladle, locking tongs, spatula, slotted spoon
    Servingware - plates, bowls, platters
    Cutlery - full set of cutlery to include fork, knife, spoon and tablespoon
    Drinkware - glass, mugs or cups
    Appliances - electrical outlet, stove, oven
    Other items - knives, chopping board, colander and grater

  • Gluten-Free (GF), Vegan (V), Lactose-Free (LF), Fructose-Free (FF)


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