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Media Mentions

We are honoured to be featured in the following media.

24 January 2017 
Entertain without tears thanks to Intertain
by Western Suburbs Weekly, Community News

02 November 2016
Private chefs cater to your every need when you've got too much on your plate
by The Australian Financial Review

21 October 2016 
Intertain launches platform for in home chefs
by Hospitality Magazine

12 September 2016
Intertain brings Michelin-starred chefs to your dinner party 
by The Weekly Review

07 September 2016
Intertain brings Uber's recipe for success to private chefs 
by The Australian Financial Review 

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Blog Mentions

13 February 2017
A five star chef in your home 
by Luxuriaus

10 November 2016
My top gift tips: Kim Ong, Intertain
by Mr Gift


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