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Rye Canapé Menu

$94 per person including GST

Provide your guests with a premium range of canapé's served over 2 hours that will leave them completely satisfied. The listed menu price of $120pp is based on 10 dishes for a minimum of 10 guests.

  • Cold Servings

    Choose 2 dishes for all guests | Additional dishes $10pp each

    Tomato Boccochini Skewer | GF V
    Fresh cherry tomato with baby bocconcini drizzled with an Italian balsamic glaze

    Pulled Pork & Mango Tartlet
    Twice cooked pulled pork with juicy mango cheeks & roasted bell peppers incased in a savoury shell 

    Avocado Bruschetta Shell | V
    Rockmelon, honeydew, avocado infused with basil and olive oil placed into a herbed shell 

    Smoked Salmon Citrus Cream | GF
    Thinly sliced tasmanian smoked salmon wrapped with thinly sliced cucumber and stuffed with a citrus cream

    Bruschetta Bite | V

    Diced vine ripened Roma tomato with Spanish onion & basil placed on a Crouton drizzled in balsamic

    Honey Mustard Chicken
    Blue mountains honey infused with a seeded mustard mayonnaise folded through poached chicken in a tart shell

    Pesto Egg & Chorizo GF
    Foam of pesto infused egg topped with fried chorizo served on a spoon

    Beetroot & Feta in Savoury Boat | V
    Pickled beetroot and danish feta placed in a savoury tartlet shell finished with micro herbs

    Beetroot, Salmon & Caviar Piklet
    Beetroot cream on a piklet with a salmon rose and topped with caviar

    Sweet Chilli Crab Boat
    Swimmer crab poached in sweet chilli and cream then foamed into a shortcrust boat

    Rare Roast Beef with Caramelised Onion on Crouton
    Golden toasted crouton placed under thinly sliced roast beef & avocado mousse topped with pickled onions and micro herb

  • Hot Servings

    Choose 3 dishes for all guests | Additional dishes $10pp each

    Thai Beef Spoon
    Asian herbs with roast bell peppers, bean shoots and slow roasted beef tossed with a Thai flavoured dressing

    Prawn Gyoza
    Prawn, shallot, garlic & ginger steamed in a wonton wrapper drizzled with soy sauce

    Duck Pancake
    Succulent duck breast marinated in hoi sin sauce with crisp shallots folded in a thin crepe

    Spinach & Feta Triangle | V
    Wilted baby spinach and mild danish feta wrapped in layers of Filo pastry then sprinkled with sesame seeds 

    Arancini | V
    Chefs risotto selection rolled into a ball, covered in panko crumb then lightly fried 

    Vegetarian Quiche | V
    Spanish onion, cherry tomato and kalamata olives baked in a savoury quiche shell

    Mini Chicken & Camembert Pie
    Mini pies of slow cooked breast meat with Camembert cheese encased in crisp pastry

    Cajun Infused Buffalo Wing
    Wings twice cooked and coated in the chef's secret American style cajun rub

  • Large Servings

    Choose 3 dishes for all guests | Additional dishes $10pp each

    Thai Beef Noodle Box
    Slow roasted beef with bean shoots, coriander, mint, Thai basil, roast bell peppers with vermicelli noodles tossed in our Thai style dressing

    Chilli & Tomato Peal | V
    Pearl couscous infused with birds eye chilli and roma tomatoes finished with basil

    Satay Beef Skewers
    Trio of beef skewers topped in homemade satay sauce and crunched nuts

    Pulled Pork and Apple Burger
    Pulled smoked pork with sweet slaw and crisp apple drizzled with balsamic

    Chicken Caesar Salad
    Garlic croutons, crisp bacon, parmesan cheese and poached chicken tossed in my homemade dressing topped with quail eggs

    Chipotle Pulled Beef Nacho
    24hr cooked pulled beef infused with smoked chipotle, with a corn chip crumble topped with sour cream

    Beetroot, Pumpkin & Feta Salad V GF
    Diced poached beetroot, roasted pumpkin, Danish feta & pine nuts with sweet balsamic & rocket

  • Sweet Servings

    Choose 2 dishes for all guests | Additional dishes $10pp each

    Lemon Meringue Tartlet
    Sharp lemon curd topped with a perfectly toasted Meringue

    Chocolate Pecan Brownie
    Rich dark chocolate baked with pecan nut served warm dusted in icing sugar

    Hazelnut Sable with Mascarpone & Strawberry
    Biscuit base of hazelnuts topped with a peaked honey mascarpone topped with a fresh strawberry

    Rosewater Panna Cotta
    Poached berries set in a rosewater cream

    Mixed Chocolate Shell
    White chocolate cream in a dark chocolate shell dusted in milk chocolate shards

    Raspberry Fool
    Fresh raspberries with rosewater jelly, whipped cream & a berry compote

    Rocky Road Miniature Cupcake
    Light and fluffy chocolate cupcake filled with marshmallows & cherries

    Chocolate & Vanilla Mousse
    Light & airy cream of chocolate layered with vanilla cream topped with shaved chocolate

    Watermelon, Mint, Feta & Rosewater
    A turkish delicacy, diced watermelon infused with rosewater, folded with crumbled feta, mint and almond flakes

    Salted Caramel Panna Cotta
    Sugared cream cooked to caramel, infused with salt then left to set

    Cherry Ripe Cheesecake
    Vibrant cherry cream cheese on a chocolate biscuit base dusted with coconut

    Mixed Berry Jelly Cup
    Mixture of fresh berries set in a berry jelly

    Pina Colada Mousse Cups
    Cream of rum, pineapple and coconut cooked, cooked then set, topped with lime sugar 

Special Requirements

  • The listed menu price includes:

    • Your private Chef will shop, cook and clean
    • Travel within 20km of the CBD
    • All guests served the same dish per course
    • Intertain's Insurance and Quality Guarantee
  • Menu Pricing 

    • Listed menu price based on catering for 10+ guests
    • A premium applies for 10 or fewer guests

    Support Staff

    • Wait Staff required if you would like roaming platters

    Our concierge team can help you with the menu and support staff prices. 

  • Our private Chefs curate menus that utilise residential kitchen equipment and your tableware such as: 

    • Cookware: Pots, Pans, Cooking Utensils
    • Tableware: Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware
    • Appliances: Stove Tops, Ovens  

    We will confirm you have adequate equipment and tableware to ensure the Chef can cater for your event.

    In some cases, our private Chefs may bring their cookware as a preference or backup. 

    If you don't have enough cookware or tableware, our concierge team can assist you. 

  • Our private Chefs can cater to most dietary requirements. 

    • Selected dishes will be altered to cater for each guests requirements.
    • A small fee may apply if significant alterations are required. 

    Dietary Requirement Identification

    • V = Vegetarian
    • VA = Vegetarian Available
    • VG = Vegan
    • VGA = Vegan Available
    • GF = Gluten Free
    • GFA = Gluten Free Available
  • Enjoy a truly effortless and memorable dining experience by including these premium services.

    • Styling: Transform your entertainment area
    • Cleaning: Don't lift a finger, the following day is taken care of 

    Our concierge team can help you with information and pricing for these services. 


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