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Three Cookbooks You Should Have in Your Kitchen

Cookbooks are the pinnacle of culinary literature, and a collection of cookbooks is an essential part of every foodie’s armoury. From timeless classics to modern day health conscious recipe collections, Intertain provides three top recommendations.

Cookbooks are a cherished possession, often gifted to us by a close friend or family member. While many of us turn to the internet to get out recipes, nothing compares to turning the pages of a physical cookbook as we marinate, measure and stir. We consulted our Intertain chefs to shortlist three top cookbook recommendations. 


Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish:

The quest for the perfect loaf of bread is never ending, with bread making perceived as both an art, and a science. Ken Forkish’s book Flour Water Salt Yeast is perhaps one of the most inspiring books on bread making around. Forkish conveys bread making techniques with startling simplicity, using data, chemistry and precise instructions to help amateur bakers achieve Parisian quality baguettes in no time!   


The Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver: 

The Naked Chef written by Jamie Oliver almost two decades ago is a must-have and a classic. In this cookbook, Oliver advocates stripping down complicated recipes to their basics and adapting them to what is in the pantry, refrigerator or garden. With over 120 recipes, this book is fantastic because of how refreshingly simple and flavoursome the recipes are, and because of how bold and unpretentious Oliver’s cooking approach is. 


Eat Complete by Drew Ramsey, MD:

Nutrition is essential to maintaining mental function, and Eat Complete is all about cooking for brain health. Drew Ramsay, a leading psychiatrist and nutrition expert draws on scientific research to recommend 21 essential nutrients that are most important to brain health and overall wellbeing. Wild seafood, grass-fed meat, butters, fresh vegetables, soups and hot chocolate recipes all feature heavily in this wonderful cookbook, which includes over 100 recipes and 50 stunning full-colour photographs. 

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