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Get your house dinner party ready in just 30 mins

Entertaining at home but running out of time before your guests arrive? Don’t waste another second, Intertain’s quick cleaning guide is here to help!

We’ve all been there.  You’ve invited people to your house for dinner. The food is in the oven, the drinks are on ice and you’ve changed into your ‘world’s best dinner party host’ get-up. But with half an hour to go you take a look around and the horror strikes you - this house is a MESS!

Never fear - with our quick and easy 5 step plan you can get your place presentable and be  ready to welcome guests in just 30 minutes.  So set your timer, grab a cloth and let’s get cracking.

Step 1 : The Bathroom (6 mins)

  • Check toilet paper and make sure there is a full roll as well as a spare.
  • Clear all your toiletries from the bathroom countertop (putting them in a cupboard or drawer for the evening works well). Removing clutter will make it look cleaner.
  • Wipe down the basin and countertop with a wet cloth or commercial cleaner. Then wipe it down with a dry cloth or a piece paper towel for a quick dry finish.
  • Give the toilet a clean with a squirt of bleach in the bowl and a quick scrub, before wiping down the rest of the toilet
  • Hang a clean hand towel for your guests.

Step 2: The Entrance area (2 mins)

  • Clear the clutter from the area around the front door - first impressions are important!
  • Shake out the door mat to get rid of leaves, fluff and dirt.
  • Turn on a porch light if you are welcoming guests in the evening.

Step 3: The Living / dining area (10 mins)

  • Remove all clutter like clothes and toys, paperwork and laptops. Remember time is ticking so you don't need to put them away neatly, just move them from sight.
  • Wipe down the coffee table and rearrange anything on it into neat piles.
  • Wipe down and set the table - a nice clean table cloth can help brighten things up.
  • Straighten the rug if you have one.

Step 4:  The Kitchen*  (7 mins)

  • The way to a clean kitchen is to start by doing the dishes. Clean, dry and put them away. When you do away with piles of plates and cups you are already halfway there!
  • Clear any clutter from the kitchen area. This means get rid of that old loaf of bread, put the toaster in a cupboard and scoop up all loose knick-knacks and hide them away in a drawer.
  • Wipe down countertops and the sink the same way you did in the bathroom - first with a wet cloth or commercial cleaner, then with a dry cloth or paper towel for a quick dry finish.

* If you’ve hired an Intertain personal chef for the evening you don't need to worry about this step, as your chef will work their magic after preparing the your meal and leave your kitchen spotless.

Step 5: Quick clean floors (5 mins)

Finally it’s time to give your floors a quick sweep or vacuum - depending on your floor type. A ‘stick’ style vacuum or a an electrostatic sweeper is invaluable for a speedy clean! Make sure you give the living area, kitchen, bathroom and entrance hall a qiuick once over.

You are all done! If you’ve gotten through all 5 steps in 30 mins give yourself a pat on the back!

If you’ve still got a few moments left before your guests arrive here are a few bonus tips to help create the right atmosphere.

  • Dim the lights slightly as it creates an inviting and warm mood and makes it harder to see any dust or dirty corners you missed in your quick clean! If you can’t dim your lights try turning on lamps instead of overhead or fluorescent lights, or even light some candles for a more intimate atmosphere.
  • Get the temperature right- if you are expecting a large group remember it may become stuffy so try not to overheat the space. Perhaps open a window and get the airflow moving to keep things comfortable for your guests.

Last but not least, remember that your house is your home. It’s meant to be lived in. So if there’s a little mess you’ve missed or an escaped ‘dust bunny’ don’t stress. Your guests will understand.

The most important thing when you’re entertaining is that your guests are enjoying themselves and that everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Now grab yourself a glass of wine and enjoy your night!

Published 11 May 2017

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