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Food Styling 101

Even if you don’t have a professional camera, food styling can really elevate your food game. We've rounded up our best styling tips to nail your in-house food presentation game.

Even if you don’t have a professional camera, food styling can really elevate your food game. After all – when you go to a restaurant or café, isn’t it the best when your plate is beautifully prepared? Believe it or not, it is easy to recreate this at home – just follow our easy food styling tips and you’ll be insta-famous in no time.

Don’t make it messy.

Although a messy shot can be amazing, you don’t want to overcrowd the space you a shooting in with too much movement, or too many plates. Keeping it simple is key. Aim for one focal point in the shot (a dish you want to feature) and then decorate around it with cutlery, napkins, or even dried flowers or a coffee.

Aim to shoot during the day.

Natural lighting is always the best if you don’t have access to studio lights on hand. By setting up your workstation near a big window or windowsill, it can elevate your photos and make them easier to edit. Plus, it’ll really allow your amazing colours to pop.

Try and have a clean backdrop.

Whether you want something moodier, or a clean and crisp shot, having a plain backdrop can work wonders when you’re trying to flatlay and food style. Something that is super simple here is a white bedspread – you can even pick up cheap ones online that you don’t mind getting a bit messy. Plus, it makes clean up super easy! If you’re wanting something more professional, there are great websites online that create custom backdrops. If all else fails, a thick piece of white wood from a hardware shop also does the job.

Use props!

Have some amazing veggies lying around the house? These can be amazing props and add a pop of colour to a dull photo. From roasted beets to vibrant carrots, the more greenery, the better. You can even use fresh flowers, coffee beans, or even a candle to elevate your photo, too.

Layer it up.

Like a decadent lasagne, it is all about layers. By putting things at different angles, or heightening them with a plate, or cup can be a great way to draw the attention elsewhere, or to the focal point of the image. Milk crates or pieces of wood can be a great way of creating height on a table.

And, finally – have fun!
It’s all about getting creative when food styling, so play around with colour pallets, types of food, produce, and backgrounds to get a feel for what you like!

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