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11 reasons eating in is the new going out

In Australia we have access to any kind of cuisine you want, incredible chefs, and always something new to try. But there’s SO many reasons to stay in and throw a dinner party at home instead when you’ve got your own private chef is one of the best!

Here’s 11 reasons why eating in with a private chef is better than going out to a restaurant.

1. You can chat to the chef

How many times have you been out, eaten something amazing you really loved and wanted the recipe? Chef in your own home - done.

2. You dictate the drinks list

At the restaurant, scanning through the drinks list and see your favourite wine at double the price? No problem, at home drink any wine/beer/spirit you want at bottle shop prices.

3. You decide the menu

Hate having to explain to the waiter your food allergy and worry that sesame seeds may actually be hiding in something? Choose your chef and whatever kind of food you are in the mood for and they’ll adapt their menu if there is any special requirements or food allergies.

4. Your own music playlist

Love the restaurant but hate the music?  When eating in, you choose your own playlist.

5. You can hear what people are saying

Get frustrated when you are out in a fancy new, architecturally designed restaurant that gave no thought to acoustics? Eat at home where you can have  a proper conversation.

6. No loud, random conversations

Further to 4. noise issues, you won’t be forced to listen to loud, tipsy, random strangers talking about politics/religion/how robots are going to take over the world (well, depending on your guest list).

7. You decide the dress code

Despise that ‘What am I going to wear’ feeling? Dress up or dress down, it’s up to you.

8. No public toilets

No explanation needed

9. No babysitters

Do you feel like going out when you have kids is sometimes more hassle than it's worth? Have a dinner party at home - kid problem solved!

10. No queues

How many times have you decided to go to that new ‘hot’ restaurant and turned up having to queue or simply leaving to find somewhere else as the wait will be ‘over an hour’. At home there’s no lining up to get a table, for a drink, for the toilet or waiting for an Uber in the cold.

11. It’s pretty much the same price

When you think about what you spend on going out for an amazing meal and you have to put up with all of the above, you can get a chef to shop, cook, serve and clean in the comfort of your own home for around the same price. Why would you ever want to go out again?!

So next time you're trying to arrange a catch up with friends out and it’s too much hassle, book a private chef and see why eating in is the new going out.

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