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10 Most Expensive Foods in the World

Sometimes the scarcity of these foods seems rather controversial in regards to how they are brought to the table, yet that doesn’t stop those that can afford them from eating them.

In every country around the globe, you’ll find upper echelon food items that only the elite can ever afford. These foods are the epitome of fine dining and are often taken for granted by those that were born with silver spoons in their mouths. Getting a taste of these expensive delicacies is a privilege, and those that delight in fine dining will often pay handsomely for the pleasure of feasting upon them.

As these foods are highly luxurious, they are also quite rare. Sometimes the scarcity of these foods seems rather controversial in regards to how they are brought to the table, yet that doesn’t stop those that can afford them from eating them. Here we take a look at the 10 most expensive foods offered in the finest of dining around the world.

Kobe Beef

Kobe beef is raised just for the very purpose of being devoured by those who can afford to. It has a distinctive flavour and texture, much thanks to the special diet that this type of cattle is fed. However, despite claims that these animals are pampered and massaged, it’s vastly different from the lives they lead before their slaughter. They are trained to gorge themselves on the feed. This leads to joint swelling and arthritic problems for the animals that, unlike those who feast upon them, do not live in the lap of luxury.

Bluefin Otoro Sashimi

Tokyo is renowned for its large quantities of fish. While many are farmed, just as many are wild caught. Bluefin tuna (Otoro) is highly coveted due to its robust taste. Often served with caviar, it’s something that every wealthy sushi enthusiast orders. Because this tuna is at the head of the food chain in its particular ecosystem, concerns swirl around the possible extinction of other seafood species and an upset in the balance of the ocean’s ecosystem overall.

Foie Gras

Perhaps the most expensive delicacy in the world is foie gras, a pate made of goose or duck liver. It has a soft, smooth texture and is exceptionally delicious. Paired with a proper expensive wine, it is how you know you’ve arrived. Many people take particular umbrage with foie gras though as it comes to be the remarkable delicacy that it is by force-feeding the geese and ducks more food than they would normally consume in their native habitats in order to fatten up the liver.

Birds Nest

It was once consumed by the monarchs of China in hopes to bring them eternal life. Now gourmands everywhere seek out a taste of this savory soup dish. The nests used to make this royal soup come from a type of swallow that builds nests in rocky cliffs or within the confines of caves. If you’re imaging a nest of twigs and sticks, think again. These are constructed by the saliva of the bird, which turns into hard threads. With such a demand for them, the birds are losing their habitats.

Alba White Truffles

White truffles are the most rare, most expensive and most luxurious of all truffles. They are as revered and precious as diamonds. The flavour is surprising given their unattractive looks and aroma. However, the taste of these white truffles is complex while delicate. Because they are becoming rarer and rarer with every passing year, they are becoming difficult to harvest, further driving up an already astronomical price.

Coffin Bay King Oysters

With an incredible flavour and 10 times the meat of a regular oyster, these oysters are priced at $100 each. You read that right. They’re incredibly scarce so this causes concern amongst the environmentalists regarding the ocean ecosystems.

Almas Caviar

There’s caviar, and then there’s Almas caviar. It’s lighter in color than typical caviar and is also the most rare. Almas is Persian for “diamond,” aptly named for the scarcity of this type of caviar. Adorning expensive dishes everywhere, it is the pinnacle of perfection for any proper plate. It comes from the eggs of the albino sturgeon, a rare fish that conservationists are fighting tooth and nail to protect.


While saffron merely seems like just a spice to some, it’s prized for its medicinal properties. The price is often equal with that of gold. The best saffron can be found in Iran. It brings a vibrant color to the dishes that it is used in, not to mention a truly splendid aroma.

Brown-Lipped Abalone

This type of abalone is considered the world’s most expensive shellfish. It was a gift from the Chinese to the Korean emperors. With its sweet taste and rich texture, when it is cooked it turns out a beautiful presentation with minimal effort. As with all expensive items harvested from the sea, the controversy regarding overfishing issues in our oceans is often a concern.

Wild Harvested Kopi Luwak

End your expensive feast with a cup of the most expensive coffee anywhere in the world. Its rich flavour is not what you’d expect from what is more or less a coffee derived from civet cat poop. The beans are harvested from the droppings of these animals. It was once found naturally, however thanks to the huge demand, the civet cats are caged and treated cruelly in order to create this type of coffee.

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