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Rye Grazing Menu

$105 per person including GST

The ultimate crazing table with a premium selection. The listed menu price of $105pp is based on a minimum of 25 guests and includes all selections below, bamboo serving plates, napkins and table styling.

  • Cheese & Dip Section

    All items included


    Blue Vein


    Smoked Cheddar

    Chef made Cream Cheese


    Range of Dips

  • Meat Selection

    All items included


    Parma Ham

    Roast Beef

    Twiggy Sticks


  • Fruit & Nut Selection

    All items included





    Seasonal Fruits

    Range of Dried Fruit & Nuts

  • Bread & Cracker Selection

    All items included

    Water Crackers

    Grissini Sticks

    Toasted French Croutons

    Vegetable Fingers

    Lavash Bread

  • Accompaniments

    All items included


    Stuffed Bell Peppers

    Stuffed Green Olives

    Artichoke Hearts

Special Requirements

  • The listed menu price includes:

    • Your private Chef will shop, cook and clean
    • Travel within 20km of the CBD
    • All guests served the same dish per course
    • Intertain's Insurance and Quality Guarantee
  • Menu Pricing 

    • Listed menu price based on catering for 25+ guests
    • A premium applies for 25 or fewer guests

    Support Staff

    • Wait Staff recommended but not required

    Our concierge team can help you with the menu and support staff prices. 

  • Our private Chefs curate menus that utilise residential kitchen equipment and your tableware such as: 

    • Cookware: Pots, Pans, Cooking Utensils
    • Tableware: Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware
    • Appliances: Stove Tops, Ovens  

    We will confirm you have adequate equipment and tableware to ensure the Chef can cater for your event.

    In some cases, our private Chefs may bring their cookware as a preference or backup. 

    If you don't have enough cookware or tableware, our concierge team can assist you. 

  • Our private Chefs can cater to most dietary requirements. 

    • Selected dishes will be altered to cater for each guests requirements.
    • A small fee may apply if significant alterations are required. 

    Dietary Requirement Identification

    • V = Vegetarian
    • VA = Vegetarian Available
    • VG = Vegan
    • VGA = Vegan Available
    • GF = Gluten Free
    • GFA = Gluten Free Available
  • Enjoy a truly effortless and memorable dining experience by including these premium services.

    • Styling: Transform your entertainment area
    • Cleaning: Don't lift a finger, the following day is taken care of 

    Our concierge team can help you with information and pricing for these services. 


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