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Featured in The Australian Financial Review

A mini account of Intertain's interview with The AFR’s companies editor, James Thomson at the State of Grace recently.


It’s a slightly surreal feeling.

It’s just gone 11am and Intertain Co-Founder, Kim, and I are minutes away from meeting The Australian Financial Review’s companies editor, James Thomson at the State of Grace in Melbourne CBD. There we were, awaiting our newly-launched Intertain's first official interview with a large publication.

After a brief introduction, Kim and I anticipated James’ feedback from his private dining experience with Intertain chef Pete Hilcke the week before.

We were pleased to hear that James’ experience was fantastic, the kind of feedback we receive from our customers which always drives us to improve our product and service offering.

"It's a slightly surreal feeling. 

It's just gone 7pm and my wife, Katherine, and I are minutes away from hosting a dinner party for six.

But while we should be rushing around the kitchen taking care of last-minute details, we're just standing there, waiting for the first knock on the door." 

- James Thomson, AFR

We are absolutely stoked with the coverage on Intertain and we are very grateful for our team, investors, stakeholders, partners, chefs, diners and you!

Thank you for believing in us and we hope to offer you a wonderful dining experience.

You can read the full article here

Yours truly,
Josiah Ng
Chief Eating Officer

Below: Photo credit - Chris Hopkins @ AFR

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