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3 Food And Wine Moments That Will Make You Change The Way You Watch Game Of Thrones

From Queen Cersei’s war feast to Daenerys gorging on a stallion’s heart, Game of Thrones is full of food and drink scenes that have hidden meaning and significance.

Before looking at Game of Throne’s biggest moments, it is important to note that food often serves as extension of the characters’ personalities on the show. For some, like Cersei food is used to convey greed and wastefulness, whilst for others, like Sansa, luxury food such as her famous lemon cakes, connotes her high status. As Game of Thrones gallops towards its conclusion, let us take a moment to look back at the show’s most important food and drink moments, and their various symbolisms.    


Season 1, Episode 6: A Golden Crown

The scene where Daenerys eats the entire raw heart of a stallion is widely characterised as one of the goriest scenes of the show. After Daenerys becomes pregnant with her Dothraki husband Khal Drogo’s child she must go through a heart eating ceremony in order for her unborn child to be strong. It would have been viewed as a bad omen if Daenerys, the future Khaleesi, was unable to finish eating the heart. Yet, within this scene, another reason why Daenerys needs to eat the heart is to prove her own strength to the Dothraki people, and to Khal Drogo. This scene foreshadows her strength, and her path to becoming an immensely powerful and revered queen. 


Season 4, Episode 2: The Lion and the Rose

The world collectively rejoiced when King Joffrey, arguably the meanest, most sadistic character of the show, drinks a poisoned glass of wine and dies. Whilst the poisoned wine is important because it is what ultimately kills Joffrey, it is the big wedding pigeon pie served at Joffrey’s wedding breakfast that provides the most meaning to this scene. As a novelty, the pie is hollowed out and filled with live doves. Using his large sword, aptly named the “Wailing Widow” Joffrey slices into the pie, releasing most of the birds, but also killing those that were in direct path of sword’s blade. The dead birds in this scene serve to highlight Joffrey’s callous nature, and the frivolous loss of life that has occurred for his pleasure. As he wolfs down handfuls of the pie in that final scene before he chokes and dies, we are reminded of what Joffrey truly is: a greedy, spoilt child. 


Season 6, Episode 4: Book of the Stranger

Jon and Sansa’s reunion is one of our favourite scenes from Game of Thrones. It is heart-warming and heartbreaking in equal measures. Their warm embrace is an iconic image from the show, and their shared meal and reminisces of Old Nan’s Kidney pie made with peas and onions symbolises their yearning to go home. Jon and Sansa’s dinner not only hints at the beautiful, and very emotional Stark family reunion to come in Season 7, but also symbolises the beginning of the Stark family’s journey back home. 

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Published 22 August 2017

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