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Lucia’s Vegetarian

$165 per person including GST

If you are seeking a healthy meal option, this menu will be ideal for you.

  • Entrée

    Raw Zucchini Soup served with Flaxseed Crackers and Black Hawaiian Salt

  • Main

    Quinoa and Tofu Croquettes with Carrots, Zucchini and Mint Served with Cherry Tomato Sauce and Kale Pesto 

  • Side

    Purple Potato Salad with Green Beans, Parsley, Black Olives, Capers and Apple Cider and Red Vinegar Dressing

  • Dessert

    Apple and Frangipane Tart with Whipped Coconut Yogurt and Cinnamon

  • Drinks

    Ginger and Mint Water

    Turmeric Soy Milk with Cardamom, Cinnamon, Vanilla (served with dessert or after dinner)

Special Requirements

  • Enquire within.

  • 6-20 persons

  • A basic minimal kitchen should include the following: 

    Cookware - pot and pan
    Utensils - ladle, locking tongs, spatula, slotted spoon
    Servingware - plates, bowls, platters
    Cutlery - full set of cutlery to include fork, knife, spoon and tablespoon
    Drinkware - glass, mugs or cups
    Appliances - electrical outlet, stove, oven
    Other items - knives, chopping board, colander and grater

  • Gluten-Free (GF), Vegan (V), Lactose-Free (LF), Fructose-Free (FF)


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