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Oliver Buenviaje


Oliver is an accomplished and result-oriented Executive Chef who has worked in Michelin-star restaurants, luxury hotels, resort & casinos and catering companies in Australia, Asia, Middle East & France. His unique blend of creative flair and passion prevails in the quality of food through his mastery of French, Italian Molecular Gastronomy & Modern Australian cuisines. He was mentored and had worked along with Michelin-star chefs like Chef Laurent Saudeau, Chan Kai Hon & Thierry Marx who honed skills into perfection. Some of the notable restaurants and hotel include Crown Casino (Melbourne), Four Seasons Hotel & Resort and Zi Yat Heen Restaurant (2 Michelin Star – Macau), Mandarin Oriental (Thailand), Burj Al-Arab Hotel (Dubai, UAE) and Le Manoir De la Boulaie (2 Michelin Star - Paris, France). Photos by Ryan Tan from Shadow Studio.

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Last Active:
January 15, 2017

Number of Bookings Completed: 3 dinners / 20 guests
Last Booking Completed: January 15, 2017


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