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Kengo Hiromatsu

Kengo has been working as a Japanese professional chef for 25 years. He worked in Japanese fine dining for 12 years in Japan, learning Japanese cuisine thoroughly with a special interest in mastering Sushi, Kengo then completed his Japanese cuisine certificate and blowfish handling certificate.

Kengo is now based in Melbourne where he has learnt western cuisine at BACASH and pastry, also showcasing his Japanese skill at NOBU as sushi head chef. He started as head Chef at AKACHOCHIN which was awarded Top 500 best restaurant in AUS by Financial review 2015 and Top 400 best restaurant AUS in Gourmet traveler 2015. He still desires to learn a lot of cuisine and seeks quality food.

Kengo is very focused on continuing to develop his art with special care on cuisine styles and great food quality. Kengo now introduces Japanese cuisine as Kaiseki style through a combination of his significant experience and high quality local products. Kengo offers everything from traditional japanese to modern and fusion styles. 

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Last Active:
June 24, 2017

Number of Bookings Completed: 6 dinners / 54 guests
Last Booking Completed: June 24, 2017


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